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A Raw and Truthful Commentary on Being a Real Estate Professional in Todays World

October 28, 2010

This was written by a member of our team and represents a very raw and truthful look about how we feel every day…its a roller coaster but every word of this is true-

“Frustrating.  Lots of things in the real estate market could fit under that heading these days!  Thankfully, our awesome team refuses to let ourselves be defined by the landscape of frustration!  What repeatedly gets under my skin is how many consumers don’t get the right information from their agent or don’t get what they need in time to avert a disaster such as foreclosure or bankruptcy.  I really don’t believe these agents are trying to purposefully mislead anyone but they don’t appear to have the passion and fire that we do for KNOWING the market, INTERPRETING the market, EXPLAINING the market. 
Examples of this come up time and time again!  This week I met with a seller in Canton who had been on the market for 6 months with a list price at least $30K higher than the strongest sold comp in the neighborhood.  Four out of the five sales that occurred in the last six months were either short sales or bank owned properties.  The house was constructed and sold in 2005 at the TOP of the market….there is NO WAY it’s worth more today than what he paid for it!  He was out of work for an extended period of time and has thankfully landed a good job but in another city 4 hours away.  He is a prime candidate for a short sale which his agent never even discussed with him.  In a thirty minute face to face meeting he said I shared more information and ability to help him problem solve through this than the other agent had done in 6 months.  If I had had the opportunity to meet with him 6 months ago, there’s a good chance he would be sold and done by now and on his way to recovering from all of this!
At the risk of sounding cocky, we KNOW our stuff!!!!  Time and time again, people thank me for sharing my knowledge of the market, for sharing the truth about what list price will actually allow them to sell, for sharing the ins and outs of doing a short sale.  I am completely aware that many, many people are hurting right now….financially and emotionally….I am empathetic but believe that open and honest conversation can drill down and clear the way for solutions and options to appear!  How do we get in front of more people?  How do we save them from wasting 6 months with the “wrong” agent?  How do we get our message across to more people?  I want to stand on a mountain and scream, “call The Premier Group first”!  Yes, we want to grow our business, but not out of greed or because we are primarily driven by money….we are truly passionate about helping people, about knowing they have the TRUE information, about helping them succeed!”

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