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Cut College Textbook Costs in Half

August 18, 2010

cheap textbooks for college

Wow, things have sure changed since I was in college, 5, no 8, no, 11, no 15 years ago???  Impossible!  Anyway, I, having one that just started pre-k and another on a much higher level- 1st grade, have many years before I have traverse the substantial maze of college choices, financial aid and dorm costs, but I have been carefully watching and lurking around my teammates who, in the past 3 years have sent 4 off to college between 3 of them and have 4 more to go in the next couple of years.   Soooo, of course I found this article more than eyecatching, try FASCINATING!!  Uh, dowloading textbooks, renting textbooks, Barnes and Noble owns most of the college bookstores- Wha???  I had no idea that the college textbook industry had become so, well, cool.  Gone are the days of praying that the college bookstore had a used book that, if you were lucky, you could purchase for about 70% of the original cost.   But what I want to know is – Where do college students build their biceps..lats..shoulders, if they arent lugging around 80 lbs worth of books- how does anyone get a date?  

How to Cut Your Textbook Costs in Half — or More – Kiplinger.

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