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Main Street Woodstock Farmers Market

August 12, 2010


Located at the Woodstock Community Church Parking Lot on Towne Lake Parkway near Main Street, the main street Woodstock Farmers Market was  new world experience for my 6 year old son.    These farmers markets seem to be popping up everywhere, and Im not talking about Harry’s or Whole Foods.  Many communities are beginning to not only embrace the idea of the markets but are finding them a profitable draw to the quaint revitalized area of downtown or “old towne areas” as single family homes are being remodeled or built close to these areas.  The sense of community is stronger here than anywhere I have ever visited.  Not only did we find great home baked breads, oils, jams, spreads, relishes, fruits and veggies, we conversed, interacted and related … to PEOPLE!  In our facebook loving, twitter obsessed, email mongering age, it was, in a word, refreshing.  My son was given a giant okra, just because it was cool.  One lady gave him a huge cucumber because he told her he loves cucumbers.  For a minimal cost, we purchased an enormous sunflower head with the sunflower seeds still in it to put out in the front yard for the birds  from a couple who had picked all of their produce that morning and brought it to the market.  What a great way to spend a sunny Saturday morning! 

Woodstock Community Church Parking Lot
Corner of Towne Lake Parkway and Main Street (lot behind church)
Saturdays (June 19- September 18)
9:00 a.m. to noon

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