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My experience at the Courthouse Steps….

April 9, 2009

Donna and I went to the courthouse steps on Tuesday Morning up in Canton.  The 1st Tuesday of every month they read off the list of properties and as a team, we were curious of this process-partly because we are seeing more and more real estate owned properties on the market and partly because we were all so dang curious about the whole process.  It’s not what I expected.   I thought there would be a podium, a microphone, and someone “auctioning” off these properties.  I thought there would be tons of bidders in the stands and lots of talking, wheeling and dealing, and what-not.  The “reading” consisted of 2 lone attorneys standing in front of the courthouse in their long coats and gloves,because it was FREEZING, reading off the properties.  Each property consists of about 5 pages of details…no wonder it takes ALL day to do this.  It was a great experience and I highly suggest you go for yourself, but as far a your average home buyer-use an agent!  There are great deals on the market- you don’t necessarily need to go stand at the courthouse to get them.

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